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Karl Grossman

Looking back on 50-plus years reporting the news in Suffolk County

by Jun 30, 2017
In the rear-view mirror: Karl Grossman reflects on his decades of reporting on Suffolk County issues, government and politics.

Local reporter and syndicated columnist Karl Grossman honored by legislature

by Jun 24, 2017
Journalist and investigative reporter Karl Grossman was honored by the Suffolk County Legislature this week for his career of 50-plus years reporting on Long Island issues, government and politics.

Suffolk Closeup: Keys to a successful congressional campaign according to this district’s longest-serving congressman

by Jun 3, 2017
Otis Pike's campaigns were notoriously frugal, hard-hitting, intelligent and witty — like the congressman himself. He represented the NY-1 from 1961 to 1979.

Suffolk Closeup Thiele introduces measure that would help fund advanced septic sytems

by Mar 11, 2017
Like the legislation sought by County Executive Steve Bellone last year, State Assemblyman Fred Thiele's proposal would create a fund with a $1-per-thousand water surcharge for public water customers. The fund would help homeowners install costly advanced septic systems.

Suffolk Closeup Signs, signs, everywhere the signs – It’s time to end New York’s visual pollution

by Mar 5, 2017
It's time to purge New York's roads and highways of the billboards and signs that litter and mar the landscape — starting with the state's own roadside ad campaign.

Suffolk Closeup Closing the aged, dangerous Indian Point nuclear plants will spur green energy

by Jan 30, 2017
The agreement to close the Indian Point nuclear power plants less than 50 miles from western Suffolk and between 60 and 100 miles from the East End — as the crow flies and radioactivity spreads — “is a huge step forward in protecting the health and safety of all New Yorkers.”

Suffolk Closeup Tuition-free public colleges give working and middle class a much-needed leg up

by Jan 13, 2017
Free tuition at New York's public colleges has a history going back nearly two centuries and has played a pivotal role in the upward mobility of middle and working class youth.

Suffolk CloseupLegislator lashes out at hikes in county’s ‘back-door taxes,’ calls for cap on fees

by Jan 1, 2017
Legislator Rob Trotta of Fort Salonga, enraged by increases of more than 100 percent in fees charged by the county for various services, says he will introduce a bill that will cap increases in county fees at 2 percent per year.

Suffolk Closeup This year brought many changes in Suffolk’s higher education landscape

by Dec 24, 2016
It’s good news that Stony Brook Southampton, after years of looking like a ghost campus and a waste of state resources, has increased activity.

Suffolk Closeup Shrinking the county legislature would mean bigger districts, less representation

by Dec 17, 2016
A proposal to shrink the number of legislative districts from 18 to 13 would make the districts larger, make running for office harder and more impersonal and make legislators less accessible to constituents.