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Karl Grossman

Suffolk Closeup Court decision on misguided farmland preservation lawsuit must be overturned

by Dec 10, 2016
A court ruling preventing "structures" on preserved farmland threatens the very existence of the county's successful farmland preservation program.

Suffolk Closeup County should reverse wrongheaded move to cut already marginal public bus service

by Dec 4, 2016
The move by the county to cut public bus routes to help ease it fiscal mess is a big step backwards.
County Executive Steve Bellone delivering the state of the county address earlier this year. (Courtesy photo)

Suffolk Closeup Bellone’s budget, which comptroller calls ‘fraught with peril,’ set for legislative vote Wednesday in Riverhead

by Nov 5, 2016
Borrowing to fund police retirement payouts, over-reliance sales tax receipts and one-shot revenues sources: it's all a recipe for disaster, county comptroller says.

Suffolk Closeup Suffolk lawmakers take the lead, banning potent, deadly synthetic opioid U-47700

by Oct 30, 2016
Suffolk lawmakers unanimously passed a bill banning the sale of the synthetic opioid U-47700, an ultra-potent and deadly drug that's caused 50 known overdose deaths in the U.S. since December.

Suffolk’s wastewater treatment initiative: groundbreaking or ‘baby steps’?

by Oct 15, 2016
Karl Grossman looks at Suffolk's slow attempt to move from standard septic systems to the advanced variety.

Suffolk Closeup Suffolk’s plastic bag law didn’t go far enough to be truly effective

by Sep 16, 2016
The legislature's compromise under industry pressure ensured the plastic bag law won't be as effective as needed to deal with the problem.

Suffolk CloseupWill his allegiance to Trump hurt Lee Zeldin’s bid for a second term?

by Sep 9, 2016
The freshman congressman representing the First Congressional District backs and has defended the Republican nominee, who he predicts "will annihilate" Hillary Clinton in his district.

Suffolk CloseupDespite Freedom of Information laws on the books for decades, records access often doesn’t come without a fight

by Aug 27, 2016
Freedom of Information laws date back to 1966 on the federal level and to 1974 in New York, but the guaranteed access to public records afforded by these statutes is often disregarded by government officials.

Suffolk Closeup As sales tax revenues come up short, county plans to eliminate bus routes

by Aug 18, 2016
Facing sales-tax revenue shortfalls, Suffolk is cutting county bus routes.

Suffolk CloseupN.Y. Public Service Commission OKs multi-billion dollar nuclear industry bailout funded by ratepayers statewide

by Aug 12, 2016
Ratepayers across New York State will be getting higher utility bills because the State Public Service Commission this month approved — despite strong opposition — a $7.6 billion bailout of aging nuclear power plants in upstate New York.