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Loose leaves pickup

Riverhead’s loose leaf pickup to begin Nov. 27

by Nov 16, 2023
The Riverhead Town highway department will begin town-wide loose leaf pickup on Nov. 27. Here are the pickup dates, areas and instructions.

Riverhead’s leaf pickup to begin week of Nov. 28, after Town Board votes to pay for it out of the general...

by Nov 16, 2022
The Town Board last night voted to transfer $194,100 from the general fund to the highway fund to cover some of the cost of the highway department’s expenses associated with the pickup.

It’s petty, dumb and likely illegal. Why can’t the Town Board end its fight over leaf pickup?

by Nov 14, 2022
The millions of highway fund revenues spent on leaf pickup over the past decades could have purchased new plow trucks, paved roads, built desperately needed sidewalks, improved crosswalks, and provided more highway crew members to do the crucial jobs they do that keep our town functioning. Yet the Town Board insists on raiding the highway department's budget.

Riverhead officials remain in a standoff over paying the cost of loose leaf pickup program

by Nov 11, 2022
As the winter months approach, bringing the potential for snowfall while leaves still lay upon town roads, town officials are scrambling to find a way to resolve what they hope is the final dispute between the Town Board and the highway superintendent over who pays for loose leaf pickup in Riverhead. 

The annual November argument over loose-leaves pickup in Riverhead is now underway

by Nov 4, 2022
The saga of loose-leave pickup in the Town of Riverhead has not yet been laid to rest, with town officials still arguing over which town revenue fund should pay for the service.

Town board and highway superintendent seek to resolve loose leaf pickup debate — once and for all

by Apr 21, 2022
Hoping to resolve a long-running dispute once and for all, the highway superintendent and the town board agreed to ask the state attorney general for an opinion in the ongoing dispute over whether the cost of the town's loose leaf pickup program should be paid out of the highway fund or general fund.

Town board orders highway superintendent to conduct loose leaf pickup this month

by Nov 11, 2021
The standoff over loose leaf pickup in Riverhead has escalated: The Town Board Wednesday approved a resolution ordering Highway Superintendent George Woodson to conduct loose leaf pickup by the end of the month.

Residential loose leaf pickup program will continue this year in Riverhead

by Nov 10, 2020
Following months of wrangling with the town board, Highway Superintendent George Woodson has agreed to pick up loose leaves for a three-week period beginning Nov. 30.

Riverhead to begin loose leaves pickup week of November 30

by Nov 10, 2015
Riverhead Town highway crews will begin the fall pickup of loose leaves the end of this month. Rules to follow and pickup schedule here.