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Martin Sendlewski

Downtown developers say they should not bear cost of water main upgrades, business committee questions water district’s finances

by Apr 13, 2023
Downtown developers are pushing back on the Riverhead Water District requiring payment for infrastructure improvements the district says are needed to serve the new development. The Business Advisory Committee will write to the Town Board asking it to investigate.

Four-story building proposed for McDermott Avenue opposite Riverview Lofts

by Aug 5, 2021
A four-story building with two ground-floor retail spaces and nine rental apartments on the three upper floors is planned for a one-eighth...

Planning board nixes propane facility plan

by Jun 4, 2021
The site of the proposed propane storage facility on Kroemer Avenue, adjacent to an existing propane storage facility on W. Main. Street.Together they could store nearly a half million gallons of LP gas. The proximity of the two facilities was one factor in the Riverhead Fire District's opposition to the plan — and the planning board's denial.

Meet the sculptors who created the celebrated Mother Cabrini memorial unveiled in Manhattan this month

by Oct 31, 2020
Meet Giancarlo Biagi and Jill Burkee, the Riverhead-based sculptors who created the Mother Cabrini monument that now stands in Battery Park in a plaza designed by architect Martin Sendlewski. The bronze sculpture depicts the patron saint of immigrants sailing on a tiny paper boat with two young children, their eyes fixed on the horizon, where the Statue of Liberty welcomes them to America.

Riverhead’s new firehouse undergoes second round of costly repairs

by Jul 9, 2015
Fire district representatives say they can't disclose terms of a settlement with the building architect and general contractor for claims made regarding workmanship on the $15 million firehouse, completed in 2008, which has required extensive repairs costing "hundreds of thousands of dollars."