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Open letter: Mr. Zeldin, whose interests do you represent?

Riverhead resident asks Rep. Lee Zeldin: Whose interests are you representing in Congress?

Here’s what it feels like to be Latino on Long Island right now

Latino immigrants and U.S.-born citizens of Latino heritage live in a state of anxiety today. Column by Maria Piedrabuena

EPCAL, ethics and hidden agendas: Riverhead must move on

Triple Five chairman Nader Ghermezien keeps telling us he’s doing us a big favor by coming here. What's really the substance of the company's vaguely stated plans?

Greg Blass: What ails Riverhead schools and what should be done to fix them

A secretive board of education, a powerful teachers union, an apathetic and disengaged electorate combine to create a senseless burden for taxpayers and a failing school system.

Opinion Congressman Zeldin, your constituents deserve more open, two-way discussion on many important issues

New York's First District residents deserve a face-to-face meeting with their congressman to discuss many important issues in a two-way conversation.

In My OpinionFrom Obamacare to Trumpcare: What to expect if the controversial health care law is repealed and replaced as promised

An insurance agent who's dealt with the changing landscape of health care and health insurance for more than 20 years gives his insights on what will likely happen if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

Yes, let’s save our country. From this man.

Trump has no respect for our Constitution, for our laws, our courts, or our people. He doesn’t care a lick about you or your family. As amply demonstrated by his business record, his only concern is himself.

Denise Civiletti An opinion about opinions. And no, I don’t support Donald Trump for president

I haven't shared my opinions much, for a host of reasons. Yesterday, someone I’ve known a long time, someone I thought knew me well enough to not have to ask, inquired if I am supporting Trump. I was dumbfounded for a second. But it made me realize how silent I've been.

In My Opinion Why you should vote ‘yes’ for Prop One – for land preservation and water quality

Residents of the Town of Riverhead, you and I have what it takes to shape the future of our community, ensure our rural quality of life, and continue to protect our critical, natural resources.

Greg Blass How gambling and greedy governments may shape the future of Long Island

America's conversion to a gambling nation has fed government's addiction to growth. A tribal casino for L.I. is not as far-fetched an idea as it may have seemed — and the Calverton Enterprise Park continues to be the subject of discussion among developers, real estate brokers, bankers and politicians.
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