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Learning to take life one day at a time

by Mar 31, 2019
If you ask parents of kids with disabilities what they fear the most, many — if not all — would say, “the future.” It is the future that keeps us lying awake at night. The future is only as far as our worries take us.

What — me worry? (No one said this was rational)

by Oct 22, 2017
So what exactly happens to us when we have kids? What part of our brain turns away from our own selves and our wants and needs, only to embrace all the crazy of motherhood?

Parenthood: No time for fear— or pain

by Oct 15, 2017
Things change when you become a mom. No more freaking out over earwigs in the shower, or gagging at vomit, or walking away from diapers that fail. Nope.

Laurie Nigro Sometimes even your most epic fails as a parent turn into memorable wins

by Oct 1, 2017
There's no way you're getting through this parenting thing without a few mistakes along the way.

Laurie Nigro An empty tissue box and all it represents

by Aug 13, 2017
The empty tissue box that sat in the bathroom for a full week is an example of how no one else in the household feels responsible for its management.

Laurie Nigro Clothes-shopping with my pre-teen, reliving the fashion horrors of my youth

by Aug 6, 2017
Some trendy fashions of the 80s just should not make a comeback.

Laurie Nigro: ‘It’s time for bed. Go get your hammer’ — and other crazy things I’ve told my kids

by Jul 23, 2017
Kids do and say the darndest things — requiring parents to respond in kind.

Laurie Nigro: In June, there’s no rest for the weary

by Jun 25, 2017
The end-of-the-school-year overscheduled-to-the-max month is exhausting.

Laurie Nigro: A lot of Fun Dad tempered by just enough Hardcore Dad makes the best dad of all

by Jun 18, 2017
Good dads figure out what their kids need them to be, and they become that guy, even if it means missing playoff football to take their princess to the ballet.