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Transfer of development rights

State attorney general should take a close look at how Riverhead Town flouts state laws

Editorial: Some town officials, seemingly eager to do the bidding of developers, are making a mockery of state laws governing how planning and development get done. The AG should step in to stop it.

Riverhead planning department pitches code revision to allow warehouse developers to ‘buy’ extra building height

Riverhead planners have proposed an amendment to the town’s transfer of development rights code that would create a major new receiving area for development rights transferred from agricultural land in the town.

Volunteers ‘very frustrated’ by town board’s inaction on farmland preservation recommendations

A committee tasked with developing ways to enhance the town's transfer of development rights program is unhappy about the town board's failure to act on its recommendations. Town board members say the town lacks the money to do the required environmental analysis necessary for zoning code amendments proposed by the committee.