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Yvette Aguiar

Planning Board recommends broad moratorium on all development applications in Calverton’s industrial districts outside the enterprise park

The Planning Board has recommended a broad moratorium on new industrial development in Calverton outside the enterprise park. Supervisor Yvette Aguiar made an unusual appearance, addressing the board before the vote to say she was working on the issue before the planning board decided to recommend the moratorium on Oct. 20..

Aguiar proposes 3.3% tax hike, piercing cap, to fund $3 million town-wide spending increase in 2023

Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar is proposing a nearly $3 million spending increase, or 4.9%, in the three town-wide funds in 2023, requiring the town to pierce the 2% tax levy cap imposed by state law.

Civic group hosts town supervisor for wide-ranging conversation: Q&A audio and transcript

The Heart of Riverhead Civic Association hosted Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar Saturday for a question-and-answer session about local issues. Here's a recording of the conversation and transcript.

Riverhead supervisor denies town’s IDA grants property tax abatements: ‘As they build, they pay taxes,’ Aguiar tells civic group

In response to a resident's question during a civic association meeting Saturday, Supervisor Yvette Aguiar told a downtown civic group that the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency does not grant property tax abatements. New developments are taxes as construction is completed, she said.

Civic invites public to ‘informal conversation’ with Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar

Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar will be the guest of the Heart of Riverhead Civic Association at its meeting on Saturday at Riverhead...

Supervisor, at odds with two council members, accuses them of working to undermine her to serve their own political ambitions

A disagreement over a policy issue has opened up a chasm on the Town Board, where two members have been quietly but increasingly at odds with the town supervisor for nearly a year. Things came to a head in the past week after the town supervisor accused two council members of conspiring against her because, she says, they want her job.

Battery energy storage system plan is presented to Planning Board, a move blasted by both Aguiar and Blass

Supervisor Yvette Aguiar and former Councilwoman Barbara Blass both had harsh words for the planning department's handling of the application for a proposed 100-megawatt battery energy storage system for a site on Mill Road.

Aguiar nixes new Planning Board hearing on Elton Street site plan where gun shop and shooting range would open

Supervisor Yvette Aguiar said in an interview this afternoon she directed the Planning Board not to hold a public hearing on the 680 Elton Street application until after the Town Board acts on a code regulating gun shops and shooting ranges.

Aguiar sets forth accomplishments over past two years during ‘State of the Town’ speech

Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar outlined her administration's accomplishments and the town's progress over the past two years, including efforts to revitalize downtown and the progress of the sale of town-owned property at the Enterprise Park at Calverton, during her State of the Town speech last night. 

Aguiar’s ‘State of the Town’ speech tonight will be now be live-streamed at Town Hall

The public will be able to view Supervisor Yvette Aguiar’s State of the Town Address this afternoon via a live stream being...