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Yvette Aguiar

Aguiar’s final ‘State of the Town’ speech highlights her accomplishments as supervisor

by Dec 4, 2023
Titled “The Foundation has Been Laid for Riverhead’s Future,” Supervisor Yvette Aguiar's final 'State of the Town' speech highlighted accomplishments of town government during her tenure.

Supervisor announces final ‘State of the Town’ speech to ‘tout accomplishments’ of her tenure

by Nov 24, 2023
The speech will emphasize the many accomplishments of the Riverhead Town Board under the Aguiar administration over the last four years, according to the supervisor's press release announcing the Dec. 4 speech.

NYC drops lawsuits against Riverhead, Suffolk and other counties brought over emergency orders blocking relocation of migrants

by Sep 14, 2023
New York City has discontinued the actions it filed against the Town of Riverhead and the County of Suffolk and most of the other counties it sued in June, seeking to invalidate their emergency orders banning the relocation of migrants and asylum-seekers to their jurisdictions.

New objections, questions from town supervisor and community raised about town’s chosen ‘path forward’ on $40 million Calverton land deal

by Aug 30, 2023
Supervisor Yvette Aguiar raised concerns last week about when the town would receive the balance of its $40 million for land at the Calverton Enterprise Park, if the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency moves the town's deal with Calverton Aviation and Technology forward.

Suspended top Riverhead planner argues in court documents he is being made a political scapegoat

by Jul 18, 2023
Riverhead Building and Planning Administrator Jefferson Murphree, who was suspended in March on disciplinary charges accusing him of incompetence, neglect of duty and insubordination, says the “charges are politically motivated by a pretext by a sometimes irrational supervisor and Town Board wherein he is being made a political scapegoat.”

It’s time to end this manufactured ‘controversy’

by Jul 2, 2023
Firefighters who rescued two women from a burning building in January do not deserve to be the victims of the whisper campaign that seems to have taken root, recklessly spread by the town supervisor no less, which disparages their integrity, their honesty and the dedication with which they serve our community.

Riverhead Fire Department chief responds to Aguiar’s disparaging comments about firefighters who rescued elderly women from burning building

by Jun 28, 2023
Open letter to Supervisor Aguiar: "We are disheartened by your recent comments and want to set the record straight," Riverhead Fire Department Chief Joseph Hartmann wrote. "These men knowingly went into a fully engulfed structure without proper protective equipment or concern for their own safety." The chief is demanding an apology.

Aguiar attacks NYC lawsuit in new executive order, as town readies it legal defense

by Jun 26, 2023
Supervisor Yvette Aguiar went on the attack in her most recent executive order extending the state of emergency barring housing asylum-seekers in Riverhead motels and shelters.

Aguiar: Riverhead firefighters who rushed into burning building to save two elderly women made false claims about rescue

by Jun 16, 2023
Supervisor Yvette Aguiar declined to attend a ceremony honoring two Riverhead firefighters for a heroic rescue of elderly residents from a burning building. In a 'hot mic' moment during Thursday's work session, she explained why.

Aguiar extends state of emergency in Riverhead, as Bellone issues order aimed at coordinating temporary housing for asylum-seekers

by May 28, 2023
There has been no official request from New York City to house asylum-seekers in Suffolk and officials are not aware of any asylum-seekers being sent by NYC to Suffolk, a county spokesperson said.