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To the Editor:

We have all been guilty at one time or another of prejudging someone before we actually got to know anything about them. Whether it’s based on their appearance, ethnicity, rumors we may have heard, or assumptions based on apparent affluence or poverty. We’ve all done it…sometimes just in our own heads, sometimes vocally to a friend.

And whether we know it or not, at some point, someone has prejudged us. I have had people form unfair opinions of me because I am half-Mexican…and especially in the summer when I get really dark and look 100% hispanic. What I am is 100% American and proud of it. NY born and raised. I have been to Mexico. I do not particularly like it there. I❤NY.

I have been judged and treated unkindly because I have spent the majority of my life overweight. I’m not lazy, I’m not a pig, or a slob. I simply like food. A lot.

It is just human nature. The important thing is to not let snap judgements lead to treating someone we really don’t know unfairly. I willingly admit, there are more than a few people in my life who I made initial unfair judgements about, and when I got to know them, they became some of my dearest friends.

It is horrific and sad what this country is going thru right now. A horribly unjust and criminal death occurred, followed by more injustice, destruction, devastation and criminality. It’s all so wrong. And it feels like it will never end. Too much division, anger, fear and hatred. Too much rage, violence, and uncontrolled acts of vengeance. It’s all too sad. We are human. We are not perfect. We do not need to act like savages.

Good, decent people are judged and treated unfairly, based on the criminal actions of others of the same race or color. Good, decent police officers are judged and treated unfairly, based on the criminal actions of other officers who tarnish the badge. I look at it from all perspectives and it is all so wrong.😪

Dina M. Martin

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