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Race relations

New class brings conversations around Black history and culture into Riverhead

Aptly named “The Black Experience,” the class is taught by Jamaal Boyce, a Black man and a social studies teacher in the district for 19 years. “What I intend to do is to get them to think,” the teacher said.

Riverhead asks FBI to investigate racist hate mail sent to former school superintendent

Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar said yesterday she has referred the racist hate mail received by the former Riverhead school superintendent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

‘Unity in the Community’ rally to take place today in Stotzky Park

A “Unity in the Community” rally is taking place today at Stotzky Park. Organizer Eric Williams said the...

‘Mothers in Solidarity’ take a stand against racism

Riverhead resident Cynthia Lister Braunskill, a mother of nine, wants police to know what it’s like “to raise a black man in America.” She organized a rally Saturday to start a dialogue.

We need trust, not barriers

When a white man started an argument with protesters at the end of the Black Lives Matter protest Saturday, Riverhead police formed a barricade between him and the protesters, as if to protect him. Guest column by Lawrence Street.

Walmart reverses corporate policy on locked cases for African-American beauty care products

Corporate policy allowed store managers to decide whether to place products in locked cases. Walmart said about a dozen of its 4,700 U.S. stores had such a policy in place. The Riverhead Walmart was one of them until local resident Patricia Fulford took on the retail giant in January 2019.

Let’s Talk Race: Live online discussion tonight at 7 p.m.

Join Tijuana Fulford, founder and executive director of The Butterfly Effect Project and Ron Fisher, local business owner and BEP board member for a candid discussion of race and racism in Riverhead.

Riverhead clergy: We will not remain silent

To the Editor: Another unarmed black man has died at the hands of police, and...

A plea for unity and love

To the Editor: The large-scale division that continues to plague our nation has and continues...

Don’t let snap judgments lead to injustice

To the Editor: We have all been guilty at one time or another of prejudging...