Just a mere four years ago in “The Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism,” in an op-ed Congressman Lee Zeldin stated, “While the tragedy of the Holocaust happened decades ago, we still feel the effects of its hatred and intolerance. Anti-Semitism, terror, and racism must be fought and vanquished in every form; we can never do enough to put an end to prejudice, both within our nation and around the globe.”

What a difference four years makes.

Zeldin, who has claimed he is an observant Jew, showed his true colors earlier this year with his vote to keep freshman representative Marjorie Taylor Greene seated on both the education and labor and budget committees.

If you look at his Twitter feed (the comments are often hilarious), he defended his vote with “whataboutism” lies. His vote in support of Greene should come as no surprise because Zeldin has shown he is a friend of extremists, insurrectionists and seditionists: he has attended and given at least one speech at a meeting of the Long Island chapter of the extremist paramilitary group the Oath Keepers, signed onto a Texas lawsuit to overturn votes in the “most secure election in American History,” fanned flames that resulted in the Jan. 6 coup to overthrow the government with lies about voter fraud, and refused to hold President Trump accountable for leading the January coup.

With his vote for Greene, he demonstrated that he is fine with politicians calling for the assassination of political leaders, he embraces politicians who bully students who ran for their lives during high school shootouts but he also thinks it is perfectly fine for a congressperson to be anti-Semitic and sit on Congressional committees.

In case you missed it, the biggest doozy in a long line of Taylor Greene’s anti-Semitic tropes is that the California forest fires had been started by space lasers used by PG&E in conjunction with the Rothschilds.

Zeldin has changed. Anti-Semitism is okay in his book. He also is okay with the blood of five dead Americans on his hands. He is a disgrace.

Does Zeldin really think that he stands a snowflake’s chance in hell to win the race for governor of New York? Zeldin would be better suited to run for Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

On second thought, white supremacy is seems to be a top priority of the current Republican Party. Zeldin is pro-anti-Semitism, pro-terror and pro-racism. Maybe Zeldin is the best candidate.

Bob Johnson

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