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Riverside Drive residents urge town to fix ‘hazardous’ condition at 90-degree bend

Riverside Drive residents are asking the town for speed "humps" to slow traffic at the 90-degree bend in the road, which they say is a hazard that causes many accidents.

Town board, not Republican Party, must fill council vacancy

This seat does not belong to the Republican Party. The town board should independently evaluate persons interested in serving and should treat all equitably and openly.

Science calls for rigorous skepticism

What 'following the science' really means.

Civic group demands moratorium on all industrial development in Calverton

Until a comprehensive and cumulative approach to zoning and the extent of industrial development in our community can be determined by the residents in coordination with the town board and its consultants there should be a moratorium on further industrial development in the 11933 zip code.

Today is Organ Donor Day — sign up

Registering to be an organ donor does not affect your life but does change someone else's. Talk to your family about organ donation and consider being someone's hero.

Giglio: C.O. proposal is withdrawn

Since reading the comments on Facebook about this legislation, I've spoken to lawyers, real estate professionals, title companies, expeditors and home improvement contractors; this will hinder taxpayers’ ability to sell their homes during this difficult time.

No more apartments, no more IDA tax abatements

Any new construction that may lead to an increase in the student population is unacceptable until the overcrowding issue is resolved.

Our children deserve better

A Riverhead school district parent complains about the district's preparedness and communication.

‘We don’t want to live in a city’

It’s obvious that these hundreds of apartments will have a huge negative impact on the school district. To say otherwise is an insult to our intelligence.

Let’s tackle our problems with mutual respect

Thoughts on relations between the town government and the school district.