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Letter: Democrats missed the boat

In overlooking RMTAS founder Denise Lucas, Riverhead Democrats missed the boat on an excellent candidate, writes Warren McKnight of Riverhead.

Opinion- The hidden cost of Guardian Angels: protecting the taxpayers

If the town allows the Guardian Angels to patrol in Riverhead, it should enter into an indemnification agreement to protect our taxpayers. Legal fees to get that drawn up would be better spent on police overtime.
2013 0508 rcsd bus garage

Opinion: New school transportation facility? Maybe, maybe not

Many questions remain unanswered about the proposition on Tuesday's ballot authorizing the borrowing of $3.5 million to renovate an Edwards Avenue site for use as a new transportation facility.

Opinion: How to make Main Street safe (and it’s not the Guardian Angels)

Retired Riverhead Police Det. Tim Hubbard speaks his mind on what's needed to tackle public safety issues downtown: better deployment of cops, stepped-up code enforcement and holding absentee landlords accountable — not the Guardian Angels. (Opinion column.)

Opinion: Riverhead’s athletic fields are not just inadequate, they’re dangerous

Aquebogue parent Andrew Fitzpatrick outlines the shortcomings and potential hazards of Riverhead's existing athletic fields and argues the case for the construction of a turf field.