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Riverhead Charter School

Principal: Charter school won’t ‘poach’ ninth graders from other districts

The proposed expansion is "an organic concept," the charter school principal said. It would provide the opportunity for existing charter school students to continue their education in the charter school.

Charter school principal, citing Riverhead focus school designations, says charter expansion offers more parents choice

The charter school principal has publicly criticized the Riverhead school district for its "inability to properly educate" minority students.
2014 0605 riverhead charter school sign

Riverhead Charter School second annual Earth Day festival, June 3

The students of the Riverhead Charter School will be learning about environmental issues in the second annual Earth Day Festival.

‘Why don’t we have a school zone?’ Riverhead Charter School students push for lowered speeds on 50 mph road

“Every other school in this town has a school zone,” said Laurie Behrhof, Riverhead Charter School teacher. “Why don’t we?” Her sixth graders have been drafting a petition to establish a school zone outside Riverhead Charter School on Route 25, where the speed limit is 50 miles per hour.

Riverhead Charter School moves into new $14.1 million school facility

After two years of construction, Riverhead Charter School is officially operating out of its new $14.1 million school building, which it unveiled at a...
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