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Anti-Bias Task Force

Anti-Bias Task Force book donation to school libraries remains in limbo

by Dec 19, 2023
Riverhead Town’s donation of children’s books celebrating diversity and inclusion to the school district remains in limbo, despite the majority of the town’s Anti-Bias Task Force supporting the donation.

Anti-Bias Task Force to embark on ‘harmony sessions’ program in the school community

by Oct 18, 2023
Riverhead’s Anti-Bias Task Force is planning to work with Riverhead Central School District to promote harmony in the community. Here's what they're planning.

What the town’s Anti-Bias Task Force really needs: independence from political meddling

by Sep 27, 2023
The Anti-Bias Task Force needs independence to be effective and true to its mission — a mission that has nothing to do with spreading cheer, pretending that problems don’t exist, or falling in line with the positions of any political party.

Many questions remain about Town Board’s ‘reorganizing’ of Anti-Bias Task Force

by Sep 26, 2023
The Town Board has advocated for respect, collaboration, and trust regarding their decisions about the Anti-Bias Task Force. You get what you give.

Swastikas drawn on desks at Riverhead High School, superintendent reports in letter

by Sep 23, 2023
Riverhead Central School District officials have opened an investigation this week into swastikas drawn on desks in a Riverhead High School classroom.

Family of children attacked by teens at Riverhead football game asks Anti-Bias Task Force for action

by Sep 19, 2023
Riverhead’s newly reorganized Anti-Bias Task Force came face-to-face with a shocking racial bias incident at its first meeting Monday, hearing details of the incident from the family of children who were assaulted and called a racial slur at a highs school football game Sept. 9.

Riverhead Anti-Bias Task Force shake-up: Members removed, new leadership installed, Town Board to oversee programming going forward

by Sep 13, 2023
Riverhead Town’s Anti-Bias Task Force will receive more oversight from the Riverhead Town Board moving forward, according to board members, after the task force’s previous leadership was removed and replaced last week without the group's input.

Town Board will overhaul Anti-Bias Task Force because it lacks diversity, Rothwell says

by Aug 21, 2023
The Anti-Bias Task Force's membership should look like the town, said Council Member Ken Rothwell, who is the Town Board liaison to the committee. Right now, it's "all Caucasian women in the Democratic Party," he said.

Screening of ‘Paper Clips’ documentary set for Sunday afternoon at Riverhead library for Holocaust Remembrance Day

by Apr 21, 2023
The award-winning 2004 film is about a 1998 project undertaken by middle school students in rural Tennessee to understand the magnitude of the Holocaust by compiling six million paper clips to represent the Jews who died during the genocide.

‘Local Women Making History’ discussion Saturday at Anti-Bias Task Force program

by Mar 7, 2023
In honor of Women’s History Month, the Riverhead Anti-Bias Task Force puts the spotlight on five local Women Making History Saturday at Riverhead Free Library.