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Black History Month

For this hospital administrator, DEI is more than a concept — it’s the story of his life’s journey, and he’s passionate about...

by Feb 16, 2024
PBMC's Director of Imaging Services Joseph Bynum has a passion for equity, diversity and inclusion, which he says tells the story of his journey from patient transporter to head of an important division in a bustling hospital.

Celebrating Black History Month in Riverhead with music, dance, poetry and art: photos

by Feb 16, 2024
An array of local talent from captivating dance and vocal performances, to compelling student artwork and words of inspiration from local school and community leaders, highlighted Riverhead Central School District's 15th Annual Black History Month Celebration last night at Riverhead High School. Photo gallery.

As we remember, let us not forget

by Feb 12, 2024
The annihilation of a people begins when they lose their sense of self-worth, and this is driven by the obliteration of one’s history.

Black History Month celebrations begin this weekend at Riverhead Free Library

by Jan 25, 2024
The Riverhead Free Library will host film screenings, music, dance and spoken word performances and talks featuring prominent Black community members to celebrate Black History Month. The events begin this weekend.

Now that the dream is over…

by Mar 5, 2023
Guest column: It wasn’t Dr. King’s dream that America was afraid of, it was the fact that he woke up. Then he became a threat. America wants you to only remember the dream. As always, America “white-washes” our history and rewrites it in such a way to generate an outcome conducive to its status quo.

From classroom to bookshelf: Riverhead teacher authors book about his pioneering course on the Black experience in America

by Feb 20, 2023
The Riverhead High School teacher who started a new class last school year to discuss the experiences of Black people in America has written a book about the class and his experience teaching it.

Black History Month events in Riverhead include an exhibit about the Harlem Renaissance and a screening of the film ‘Selma’

by Jan 31, 2023
An exhibit focusing on the storied era of the Harlem Renaissance and a screening and discussion of the film 'Selma' are events taking place during Black History Month at Riverhead Free Library.

Riverhead schools’ annual Black History Month celebration will be held virtually Feb. 22 & 23

by Feb 21, 2021
Riverhead Central School District's annual Black History Month celebration will be held virtually this year. The event will take place on...

Celebrating the complex and often elusive history of African Americans

by Feb 22, 2020
The complexities of African American history make it difficult to unearth and nearly impossible to condense into one small exhibit space during one month of the year. But Marylin Winter and Dr. James Banks of the African American Educational and Cultural Festival embrace the challenge.

Riverhead celebrates Black History Month

by Feb 13, 2020
Community members young and old gathered together to celebrate Black History Month Wednesday night at Riverhead High School with music, dance, poetry and song.