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Diane Tucci

Grassroots group donates 2,600 masks to Riverhead schools

Masks for Students, a group spearheaded by Riverhead PTSO officers, has organized a massive effort to buy, sew and collect masks for Riverhead kids.

Free concerts planned for three Friday nights in Grangebel Park

“I didn’t want to see us lose anything else in downtown,” Diane Tucci said. “I had to do something.” The former BID executive director raised money for three concerts and booked three bands.

Winterfest Live on the Vine celebrates 10th anniversary this year

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Winterfest, the highly successful mid-winter celebration of music and performing arts taking place at vineyards, breweries and restaurants across the East End.

Riverhead native Diane Tucci is named BID group’s new executive director

Diane Tucci is expected to be named executive director of the Riverhead BID Management Association this evening.