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Open meetings law

You have the right to see the sausage being made. In Riverhead, it’s out of public view.

Opinion: There's an old saying: "Laws are like sausages. It's best not to see them being made.” We disagree. That's precisely when you need to pay attention.

Open meetings matter. And they can’t be open unless the public knows they’re happening

This week's town board work session violated the State Open Meetings Law, because the town didn't give 72 hours notice of the meeting to the public and the news media.

State advocacy group calls for more transparency and accountability for county boards of elections

An advocacy group is calling for reforms to state public information laws after their report found that several county boards of elections in New York, including Suffolk’s, displayed a lack of transparency in answering their requests for meeting information.

‘Sunshine Week’ series: How to improve transparency in public meetings

Local governments have come a long way in achieving transparency in public meetings, in large measure thanks to technological advances and the internet, but they've still got a long way to go.

‘Sunshine Week’ special series: Why open government matters

After nearly 20 years of local news reporting, I could fill a book with stories of government officials trying to prevent reporters — and hence, the public — from finding out what they’re up to.

When is executive session discussion confidential? Debate gets heated over alleged leaks

What happens in Vegas... The old maxim may or may not apply to what happens in executive sessions of the town board, as members today got into an argument over who has — or hasn't — been leaking discussions held behind closed doors to members of the public and town employees.

Why does the Riverhead school board flagrantly and routinely violate the state Open Meetings Law? (Because they can.)

Column: The seven elected trustees go through the motions of a public meeting once or twice a month. But the real meetings, where policy is discussed and decisions are made, take place behind closed doors. Illegally.

Civic groups call on Riverhead Town Board to require advance posting of all meeting agendas on town’s website

In a letter to the town board, leaders of the organizations complain that agendas are often not posted until just prior to meetings — or not at all.