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Peconic River

PFAS levels in Peconic River fish prompt advisory from state health officials

by May 24, 2023
Contamination of fish in portions of the Peconic River by the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS prompted the New York State Health Department this week to warn the public to limit consumption of fish caught in those areas.

DEC reports on herbicide treatment in battle against invasive Ludwigia in Peconic River

by Dec 14, 2022
The state for the first time this summer used the widespread application of herbicides in its ongoing — and previously “consistently ineffective” — effort to eliminate the invasive Ludwigia, which grows and spreads aggressively to form a dense mat on the surface of the water, upending the aquatic ecosystem and interfering with recreational activities.

State DEC prepares to apply herbicides in Peconic River, hoping to eradicate invasive aquatic plants

by Jul 15, 2022
For the first time, the State DEC will undertake the widespread application of herbicides to Ludwigia in the Peconic River, in the hope of eradicating the invasive, noxious weed that has infested about 50 acres of the river since it was first detected there in 2003.

Anglers try their luck at Riverhead’s 24th Annual Snapper Tournament

by Oct 2, 2021
Anglers of all ages lined the Peconic Riverfront last Saturday for the annual family-favorite, sponsored by the Riverhead Town Recreation Department. Photo slideshow.

Alewives scooped from the Peconic to stock Bronx River

by Apr 9, 2021
The silvery herring make an annual early spring run from the waters of the northern Atlantic into the freshwater habitats of the Peconic River to breed. This year, the westward journey for about 250 of them extended all the way to the Bronx.

County preserves 16 acres along Peconic River

by Feb 4, 2021
Just over 16 acres on the Peconic River on West Main Street will be preserved as parkland following the approval by the Suffolk County Legislature, which authorized the purchase for $1.14 million in a unanimous vote Tuesday.

State DEC investigating fish kill in Peconic River

by Nov 9, 2020
Large schools of Atlantic Menhaden, known as bunker fish, are aggregating in the Peconic River in downtown Riverhead and east to the CR 105 bridge and Meeting House Creek. Low dissolved oxygen levels in the river are causing a die-off.

Health department lifts advisory on Peconic River after last week’s sewage discharge

by Jan 13, 2020
Results of recent sampling conducted by the health department indicate the water meets state water quality standards for contact recreation, health officials said.

Sewer district pump station failure causes discharge of untreated wastewater into Peconic River: health department

by Jan 8, 2020
An electrical problem caused the Raynor Avenue pumps to shut down and overflow last night, discharging an estimated 4,000 gallons of untreated wastewater into the Peconic River, Sewer District Superintendent Michael Reichel said.

Riverhead cop, state trooper rescue drowning man in Grangebel Park

by Sep 20, 2018
Police Officer Richard Freeborn and Trooper Michael Masino entered the Peconic River behind 57 W. Main Street to retrieve an unresponsive man found floating face down in the water Wednesday evening. They pulled him to shore and revived him with CPR.