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Riverhead Central School Diistrict

Riverhead teachers union speaks out at Albany rally for bills to ban IDA school tax exemptions

by Jan 31, 2024
Representatives of unions, school funding advocates and government watchdog groups gathered in the State Capitol Wednesday to call for the passage of legislation that seeks to prohibit industrial development agencies from abating school district taxes.

Governor’s school aid proposal, with ‘sizable’ cuts to foundation aid, draws criticism

by Jan 30, 2024
Riverhead school officials criticized Gov. Kathy Hochul’s executive budget last week for proposing changes to foundation aid, the primary source of state funding for public schools.

School district business official resigns effective Dec. 25, will remain ‘reassigned at home’ with full pay and benefits until then

by Dec 12, 2023
The Riverhead Board of Education is scheduled to vote tonight on a separation agreement between the school district and its business official that will see the apparently absent employee continue to be paid until he resigns on Dec. 25. 

Recent appearances of swastikas evoke painful memory for Riverhead man

by Dec 3, 2023
Recent news of swastikas being found in Riverhead school buildings brought back painful memories for a man whose family home in Riverhead was defiled with the antisemitic symbol in 1969, an event that still haunts him 54 years later.

School district reports discovery of ‘small swastika’ at middle school

by Nov 18, 2023
Riverhead Central School District reports the discovery of another swastika symbol on school property, this time on a piece of artwork at Riverhead Middle School.

In the Riverhead school district, the teachers union calls the shots

by Oct 30, 2023
Former Riverhead school board member urges district residents to "wake up," arguing the teachers union is running the school district behind the scenes.

Update: Riley Avenue student brought bullet, no weapon to school, police say

by Oct 16, 2023
Riverhead school officials and police are investigating the origins of a bullet that was found on the floor of a school bus this morning, according to the acting superintendent.

Riverhead school superintendent on leave of absence, as interim is appointed and assistant superintendent is reassigned to home

by Oct 5, 2023
School Superintendent Augustine Tornatore is on a leave of absence through Oct. 23, according to a resolution passed by the Board of Education, acting at hastily called special meeting this afternoon. Another administrator has been reassigned to home pending an investigation.

Former Riverhead school supt. was targeted in racist hate mail before she quit post in June

by Aug 28, 2020
In the week before former Riverhead school superintendent Dr. Aurelia Henriquez unexpectedly resigned her position in June, she received three notes containing racial and ethnic slurs and warning her “resign or you will suffer.”