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Riverhead Town Board

Politics plague the Riverhead Town Board as Election Day approaches

The town board work session ended abruptly Thursday after the four Republican members walked out as the board's lone Democrat, Councilwoman Catherine Kent, who is challenging Supervisor Yvette Aguiar in the Nov. 2 election, attempted to respond to accusations of campaigning during town board meetings and coordinating a political attack with community residents.

Riverhead adopts moratorium on new commercial solar applications

A 12-month moratorium on commercial solar energy applications in the Town of Riverhead was approved by the town board last night. Though the vote was unanimous, the subject remained contentious.

Proposed pet sale restrictions supported by town board majority, while pet store group threatens legal challenge

A majority of the Riverhead Town Board said today they will vote tomorrow to pass the proposed pet store legislation that would ban the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits. But a lawyer for a pet dealers group said the bill's passage will be met with a lawsuit.

How should Riverhead spend nearly $3.7 million in federal coronavirus relief aid? Town officials mull options

Riverhead Town will use more than $3.6 million in federal coronavirus relief aid to bolster infrastructure, make up for lost government revenue and support nonprofits and businesses that struggled during the pandemic, if recommendations from town employees are adopted by the Town Board.

Scrambul drag racing event will go on despite last-minute safety concerns

The Scrambul Runway Challenge drag racing event scheduled for this weekend at the Calverton Enterprise Park will go forward despite last-minute safety concerns raised by Supervisor Yvette Aguiar.

Town board rejects permit for two-story office building on Main Road in Aquebogue

The town board on Wednesday denied a special permit application for a two-story medical office building on Main Road in Aquebogue.

Riverhead holds hearing on bill aimed at puppy mills

The town board heard comments Wednesday on a proposal to ban pet stores from selling commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits.

Anti-Bias Task Force request to not hold public meeting on Yom Kippur sparks debate

In a letter signed by ABTF chairperson Cindy Clifford, which Councilwoman Catherine Kent read aloud at today’s town board meeting, the ABTF noted that the town had scheduled its regular monthly meeting today, the second day of Rosh Hashanah and a water forum meeting on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for people of the Jewish faith.

Proposed solar moratorium resurfaces at Riverhead Town Hall

Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar has asked the town board to again consider a moratorium on new solar projects in the town pending the completion of the comprehensive plan update.

Appointment to fill vacancy on town zoning board draws criticism and dissent

The appointment of a Jamesport man to fill a vacancy on the Riverhead Zoning Board of Appeals was criticized by residents at last Tuesday night’s town board meeting and drew opposition from Councilwoman Catherine Kent.