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Riverhead Town Board

Riverhead Town reinstates Zoom, but only for public hearings

After blowback from residents for the cancellation of Zoom participation in public meetings, the public will be able to provide comment via Zoom during public hearings.

Decision to end Zoom participation in town meetings irks some residents

The announcement last week that Riverhead Town would end remote public participation by Zoom in public meetings has met with pushback from community members. One resident even started an online petition asking the town board to reinstate Zoom participation for residents.

Proposed code changes would restrict electric scooters ahead of rideshare program launch

The proposed code changes put heavy restrictions on the operation of electric scooters, which the town board is looking to bring to downtown Riverhead through a rideshare program operated by Bird Scooters.

Town government is seriously broken

"The appearance of open, deliberative government can be deceiving. Listen to Supervisor Aguiar and you would think she and the town board have always welcomed and continue to welcome input from the public. Take the time to watch a town board meeting on Channel 22 or try to participate in a town board meeting and you will quickly understand that is not the case." Guest column by Kathleen McGraw

CAP Youth Coalition urges town board to focus marijuana efforts on youth prevention

Riverhead Town looks to Riverhead CAP Youth Coalition for assistance to help prevent marijuana use by the community's youth.

Riverhead Town is again late remitting school taxes to district, BOE president complains

The Riverhead Central School District, which last July filed a notice of claim against the town demanding remittance of school tax revenues, has again not received the full property tax remittance due on June 30.

Irate Manorville resident with polluted well demands action from town

"Love the color? Want some?" Irate Manorville resident Clare Bennett sprayed discolored tap water from her home in air at the town board meeting July 7. She demanded action to bring public water to an area south of the former Grumman site where private wells are contaminated with a host of chemicals.

Riverhead Town hires economic development consultant to assist with three projects

Riverhead Town has hired the nonprofit National Development Council for technical assistance on three projects, including a transit-oriented development project planned for the Court Street parking lot, the development of a the Main Street town square and the potential lease of the former Kmart building for a municipal complex.

Town board special meeting set for 10 a.m.

The Riverhead Town Board will hold a special meeting at 10 a.m. today to consider amending two resolutions it adopted at its regular meeting Tuesday night.

Should Riverhead opt out of retail pot sales? Residents weigh in at public hearing

Residents spoke out on both sides of the issue at a public hearing on a proposed local law to opt out of legal marijuana sales in the Town of Riverhead.