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Sound-front resorts


Hearing on agri-tourism resort code canceled after farmers raise objections, supervisor says

by Feb 17, 2024
A public hearing on the proposed agri-tourism resort code that was scheduled for Feb. 21 has been canceled, as town officials discuss changes sought by the farming community to ease restrictions on preserved land.

Read the emails and other records regarding the resort code provided by Riverhead Town in response to a Freedom of Information...

by Feb 6, 2024
The emails and other documents provided by the Town of Riverhead on Jan. 24 in response to RiverheadLOCAL's Dec. 1 Freedom of Information Law request can be read by clicking on the document links.

Code drafting process was not improper — or unusual — and it is wrong to imply otherwise

by Feb 3, 2024
Zoning changes to accommodate possible development projects are not new or unusual, Supervisor Tim Hubbard says in this guest column. Amendments are "frequently... advanced by some combination of staff members, residents, developers or business owners."

Riverhead Town officials accepted help from developer-paid professionals on code change for Sound-front resort plan, records show

by Jan 30, 2024
A developer that wants to build a luxury resort and spa on the LI Sound in Riverhead, paid its own lawyer and planning consultants to prepare code changes and environmental review documents the town needs to allow the proposed resort to be built, records obtained through a Freedom of Information Law request show.

‘Agri-tourism Inn and Resort’ proposal revised, new hearing set: Town Board meeting wrap-up

by Jan 22, 2024
The town has revised its proposed "agri-tourism inn and resort" zoning proposal, which would allow resorts on certain lands north of Sound Avenue and set a Feb. 21 hearing. More from the Jan. 17 Town Board meeting.

Code change to allow resorts on L.I. Sound in Riverhead would protect farmland, town’s rural character, board members tell residents

by Dec 26, 2023
Town Board members last week sought to allay residents' fears about the potential impacts of Sound-front resort development under a proposed zoning code change officials say is intended to protect farmland.

Resorts and spas on the bluffs of the Sound in Riverhead? No!

by Dec 2, 2023
Town Board members are saying a proposal to allow resorts and spas on the bluffs of the Long Island Sound is intended to promote "agri-tourism." Poppycock! Do they really believe their constituents are that dumb?

Luxury inn and resort uses would be allowed north of Sound Avenue under code change being considered in Riverhead

by Dec 1, 2023
The Riverhead Town Board is considering amending the zoning code to allow the development of a resort and spa uses on areas north of Sound Avenue, from Baiting Hollow to the Southold Town line.

Westchester developer interested in building spa and beach resort on L.I. Sound in Riverhead

by Jul 26, 2023
A Westchester-based developer is looking to build a '5-star resort' on the Long Island Sound in Riverhead and has met with Town Board members and other officials to discuss the idea.