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Suffolk County Water Authority

Suffolk County Water Authority, Riverhead Town make competing requests for Senate ‘earmarks’ to fund public water extension in Manorville

The water authority's request to Sen. Charles Schumer and Sen Kirsten Gillibrand includes funding to provide public water to Manorville homes in both Riverhead and Brookhaven towns, as well as funding for a pipeline to extend water from the Pine Barrens Region to the Town of Southold.

Zeldin requests EPA funds to bring public water to homes near the former Grumman site in Calverton

Rep. Lee Zeldin has requested roughly $14 million in federal funds to assist the Riverhead Water District and the Suffolk County Water Authority to bring public water to homes near the former Grumman manufacturing facility in Calverton.

Riverhead sues State DEC over water supply issue, permit delay at former Grumman site

Riverhead Town has filed a lawsuit challenging the DEC’s handling of a n application for a permit needed to subdivide vacant land at the EPCAL site and the agency's position that Suffolk County Water Authority, not the town, has the right to supply water to new development there.

Suffolk County Water Authority rejects town’s demand to drop its claim to supply Calverton Enterprise Park with public water

The Suffolk County Water Authority says it has “no desire” to stand in the way of economic development at the Calverton Enterprise Park — but it also has no intention of withdrawing its claim of right to serve the site with public water.

Decade-old territory dispute heats up between Riverhead Town and Suffolk County Water Authority

"We're not going to let the public be the pawns in a water battle." A decade-old dispute simmering just beneath the surface has come to a rolling boil and residents in a remote section of Manorville worry about getting caught up in a fight that could delay their community’s access to public water.

Riverhead says Suffolk County Water Authority is ‘disrupting’ the $40 million EPCAL sale

A 2009 letter from the Suffolk County Water Authority to the State DEC is 'disrupting the sale of the property at EPCAL,' the town board said in a letter to the water authority today.

Suffolk County Water Authority to Navy: We’re ‘ready, willing and able’ to serve homes south of former Grumman site affected by...

The head of the Suffolk County Water Authority wrote to the Secretary of the Navy today offering to provide public water to the homes in Manorville and Calverton south of the former Grumman site, where toxic chemical contaminants have been detected in private residential wells.

County testing finds PFOS/PFOA in private wells south of former Grumman facility in Calverton

Testing by the Suffolk County Department of Heath Services found PFOS, PFOA and a host of other contaminants in drinking water wells in Manorville south of the former Grumman facility.

New York’s tough new drinking water standards may help local residents without access to public water

With standards now in place in New York for "emerging contaminants," the county health department will have to test homeowners' wells for them and homes where wells exceed the new standards will be eligible for special filtration systems.

Riverhead’s water system lacks dozens of state permits, creating major hurdle for EPCAL subdivision approval

Since at least the late 1990s, the Riverhead Water District has built its current distribution system without permits required by state law, installing miles of water mains to serve hundreds of residential and commercial developments across the Town of Riverhead.