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For those spending Thanksgiving alone, local church serves free meals, offers home delivery

by Nov 26, 2015
Instead of celebrating Thanksgiving Day with their families, a group of local volunteers is spending the day serving free meals to those who may not have families of their own.
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Thanksgiving Day weather and transit: What you need to know

by Nov 25, 2015
There's no place like home for the holidays, but sometimes getting there can be a little tricky. Planning on traveling this Thanksgiving? Here's what you need to know.

When storm clouds gather, allow gratitude to add life to your days

by Nov 22, 2015
I stared out that window, trying to figure out the appeal of this dark autumn day. I realized that my eyes were drawn to the contrast of the gold and red leaves against the dark sky, which actually made the autumn colors richer and deeper. It was stunning.

For this year’s Thanksgiving spread: Hassle-free Hasselback sweet potatoes

by Nov 21, 2015
Easy-to-make Hasselback sweet potatoes for your Thanksgiving feast - In the Kitchen this week with Chef Kayleigh Van Vliet Baig.

It’s time for a reset on the holiday season frenzy: for your own health

by Nov 14, 2015
Here comes the “over” season: Overspending overeating, over-partying, over-drinking, over-planning and over-taxing ourselves, physically and emotionally. It all comes with consequences.

Alone on Thanksgiving? Enjoy free dinner at The Church of the Harvest

by Nov 6, 2015
The Church of the Harvest is offering a free Thanksgiving dinner to all who are alone or in need on this Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 26, 2015.

Revisiting our family’s … evolving… Thanksgiving traditions

by Nov 30, 2014
Thanksgiving traditions have changed in our family. I didn't know how much until I realized that my 13-year-old had never watched the parade. Thanksgiving laughs with Laurie Nigro

Getting a jump on Thanksgiving deals: Early shoppers enter closed but unlocked Target store on Route 58

by Nov 27, 2014
Somebody forgot to lock up: Police called when would-be shoppers walk into closed Riverhad Target store, Thanksgiving Day at 1 p.m. and trigger alarm.

Retailers, hoping to lure sale-seekers from their holiday tables, opening earlier than ever this Thanksgiving Day

by Nov 27, 2014
National and local retailers will be open around Riverhead this Thanksgiving Day. Here's a rundown of stores that are open — and which ones will stay closed.

Photos and video: Thanksgiving feast at St. Isidore’s School

by Nov 26, 2014
Students, parents and teachers celebrated Thanksgiving together at St. Isidore's School in Riverhead Tuesday afternoon with music and a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.