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Revisiting our family’s … evolving… Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving traditions have changed in our family. I didn't know how much until I realized that my 13-year-old had never watched the parade. Thanksgiving laughs with Laurie Nigro

Getting a jump on Thanksgiving deals: Early shoppers enter closed but unlocked Target store on Route 58

Somebody forgot to lock up: Police called when would-be shoppers walk into closed Riverhad Target store, Thanksgiving Day at 1 p.m. and trigger alarm.

Retailers, hoping to lure sale-seekers from their holiday tables, opening earlier than ever this Thanksgiving Day

National and local retailers will be open around Riverhead this Thanksgiving Day. Here's a rundown of stores that are open — and which ones will stay closed.

Photos and video: Thanksgiving feast at St. Isidore’s School

Students, parents and teachers celebrated Thanksgiving together at St. Isidore's School in Riverhead Tuesday afternoon with music and a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Thanksgiving: enjoying the sweet with the bitter

The Thanksgiving holiday is a reminder that God’s blessings also can be bittersweet, but much to be grateful for nonetheless.

In the Kitchen How to roast the perfect turkey: The secret’s in the soak

Bye, bye dry bird. With this simple trick, the perfect is soaked right in for a moist, turkey Thanksgiving turkey. In the Kitchen this week with Kayleigh.

It’s turkey day at Roanoke elementary: photos

Roanoke Avenue Elementary School held its annual Thanksgiving feast today. Photo slideshow.
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