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Longtime Riverhead Latin teacher suddenly retires after ‘involuntary transfer’

Middle school Latin teacher Lorene Custer has retired after 27 years in Riverhead, after the district informed her she'd be teaching high school, rather than middle-level, Latin.

Riverhead isn’t giving up on Latin yet: District posts new listing for Latin teacher

The district today posted a job listing for a Latin teacher, with a start date of Sept. 1. The listing was posted on a K-12 education employment website.

The value of studying Latin endures for a lifetime

I want to echo the sentiments of Virginia Campbell with regard to phasing out Riverhead High School's Latin language program.

Dismantling Riverhead’s Latin program would be both a disservice and an insult

"Latin is so much more than learning a dead language. It is learning how languages work, it is a building block for English and other Romance languages, it is gaining the ability to analyze language, to applying critical thinking to texts, and to understanding so much of the basis of law, government, literature, and art not only of the past, but of today." Guest column by Dr. Virginia Campbell, a Professor of Classics at the University of Leeds in Englandand a 1994 graduate of Riverhead High School, where she first studied Latin under the tutelage of 'Doc' Greenberger.

Riverhead school district is reconsidering the future of its Latin program

Riverhead School Superintendent Dr. Aurelia Henriquez said in an email today that “no final decision” has been made about the Latin program for the 2020-2021 school year. “The district is currently reviewing the number of students who have expressed interest in enrolling in the program,” Henriquez said.

Riverhead Latinists dominate at regional competition, placing at every level

Riverhead Latinists came away with top honors in this week’s regional Certamen, taking first place at the most advanced level and placing in every other level of the competition.
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