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Nuclear power

Why ‘one of the largest tax increases in recent history’ is buried in your electric bill

by Jun 17, 2018
The $7.6 billion bailout of four aging nuclear power plants upstate, a sweetheart deal for nuclear energy giant Exelon, is being funded by ratepayer subsidies across New York.

Thiele: $7.6 billion bailout for aging upstate nuclear plants a double insult to L.I. ratepayers

by Apr 10, 2017
Long Islanders paid for LILCO’s Shoreham mistake so that a nuclear plant would not open. Now the state wants Long Islanders to pay again so that nuclear plants in another part of New York will not close.

Suffolk Closeup Closing the aged, dangerous Indian Point nuclear plants will spur green energy

by Jan 30, 2017
The agreement to close the Indian Point nuclear power plants less than 50 miles from western Suffolk and between 60 and 100 miles from the East End — as the crow flies and radioactivity spreads — “is a huge step forward in protecting the health and safety of all New Yorkers.”

Suffolk CloseupN.Y. Public Service Commission OKs multi-billion dollar nuclear industry bailout funded by ratepayers statewide

by Aug 12, 2016
Ratepayers across New York State will be getting higher utility bills because the State Public Service Commission this month approved — despite strong opposition — a $7.6 billion bailout of aging nuclear power plants in upstate New York.

Suffolk Closeup Here we go again: Cuomo’s clean energy plan, despite goals for renewables, wrongheadedly boosts nuclear power

by May 27, 2016
Even as the New York State's proposed energy plan calls for a 50 percent reliance on renewable energy by 2030, the governor has embraced nuclear power, advocating the continued operation of two nuclear plants upstate.