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Rumors of ‘hundreds’ of migrant children coming to Riverhead are baseless, say officials, who criticize lawyer’s radio ad making that...

Word of a Guatemalen Consulate opening in Riverhead sparked rumors of a mass influx of unaccompanied children coming to Riverhead, amplified by the radio ad of a local lawyer criticizing officials for doing “nothing to stop immigrants from taking over Riverhead."

Inquiry into restaurant patron’s immigration status ‘unlawful and discriminatory’

When a patron presented his Honduran passport as proof of legal age to buy alcohol, the restaurant manager questioned the man about his visa and entry into the U.S. That’s a violation of human rights law, a N.Y. Civil Liberties Union representative says.

Lights for Liberty vigil draws more than 250 people to downtown Riverhead

“We can’t allow this to go on again — not in our country, not in our time. My family lived through it once. We don’t want to live through it again.”

From fear and worry to celebration: ‘Green Light NY’ through the eyes of an immigrant

William De León is a documented Guatemalan immigrant and has a valid NY driver's license. But that was not always the case. He shared his story Monday evening at a vigil held in Riverhead, where people gathered to pray as they awaited the State Senate floor vote on the 'Green Light NY' bill.

‘Green Light’ bill becomes law

The “Green Light NY” bill, which allows the commissioner of motor vehicles to issue driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants, was passed by the State Senate and quickly signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Forum set on immigration policy impacts

“Immigration 2019: From the Border to our Backyard” will examine current immigration policy, its broad impact across the American political landscape and the direct effects here on the East End and North Fork.

Getting drivers licensed is in everybody’s best interests

Allowing all residents to lawfully obtain a driver’s license will make our roads safer, reduce the number of unlicensed and uninsured drivers, reduce insurance premiums, add millions to the state treasury and cut enforcement and court costs.

Farmers sound off on labor shortage; Zeldin pessimistic about a solution

“There's never been a point where I've been less optimistic that anything is going to get done about anything,” Rep.Lee Zeldin told L.I. Farm Bureau members at the organization's annual 'Coffee with the Congressman' event Saturday morning in Calverton.

State official warns against scams targeting immigrants

N.Y. Secretary of State Rossana Rosado warned against the rising incidence of scams and fraudulent practices targeting immigrants.

‘TPS Journey for Justice’ bus on national tour to stop in Riverhead Sunday

The “TPS Journey for Justice” bus will stop in Riverhead Sunday on a national tour advocating for legislation granting permanent residency for people living in the U.S. under the temporary protected status program canceled by the Trump administration last year.