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Property taxes

More than 300 tax grievance lawsuits are filed against Riverhead every year. Here’s what it means to you at tax...

Commercial property owners in Riverhead have gotten their tax assessments reduced by tens of millions of dollars through litigation over the past five years. 

Riverhead Town is again late remitting school taxes to district, BOE president complains

The Riverhead Central School District, which last July filed a notice of claim against the town demanding remittance of school tax revenues, has again not received the full property tax remittance due on June 30.

Riverhead school district sues Riverhead Town for balance of last year’s property tax warrant

The district is seeking payment of nearly $4.2 million, plus interest, in property tax money the district says is owed to it by the town on the district’s $86.77 million 2019-2020 tax levy.

Plan: Suffolk residents, small businesses impacted by COVID will have till July 15 to pay property taxes without penalty

Suffolk County is asking the governor to approve a 45-day waiver of penalties and interest on second-half property taxes for Suffolk property owners suffering economic hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Second-half property taxes are due June 1: Here’s how to pay your bill

While Riverhead Town Hall remains closed to the public, there are several ways to make payments,Riverhead Receiver of Taxes Laurie Zaneski said.

Suffolk property tax payers may see May 31 payment deadline pushed back

Property tax payers in Suffolk may get a little breathing room on the May 31 deadline to remit their second-half property tax payments, now that Suffolk County is eligible to tap into a federal short-term financing program — easing pressure on county government, which doesn't see any property tax revenue until after the second-half taxes are collected.

Riverhead offers property tax deadline extension to furloughed federal workers

Riverhead property owners who were furloughed and unpaid during the federal government shutdown now have until April 25 to pay their first- half 2018-2019 property taxes.

Riverhead Town prepares for debt refinance, will ask investors to refund land preservation bonds this summer

Riverhead officials will head to Wall Street this summer, hoping to at least maintain the town's current credit rating.

State lawmakers’ bill would allow towns to increase veterans’ property tax exemptions by almost 40 percent

The nearly 40 percent increase in allowable exemptions don't take effect unless approved by the Riverhead Town Board.