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Property taxes

Riverhead school board corrects prior error in 2023-2024 property tax apportionment among three towns during special meeting Tuesday

by Nov 29, 2023
The district’s total property tax levy remains unchanged, but how that levy is apportioned — or spread out — among the three towns comprising the Riverhead Central School District had to be adjusted to correct a previous error made by the district.

Citing ‘extreme financial burden’ on school district from tax exemptions, RCSD asks the town IDA to voluntarily stop exempting school taxes

by Sep 3, 2023
Citing the loss of more than $15 million in tax revenue over the past decade — $2.7 million in 2022 alone — Riverhead school district officials say 'enough is enough.'

Teachers, school district officials and state lawmakers take a stand against IDA school tax exemptions

by Aug 24, 2023
According to data reported by the Riverhead IDA to the state comptroller, net school property tax exemptions granted by the IDA in the decade from 2013 to 2022 totaled more than $15 million.

Companies receiving IDA benefits look to grievance actions for further property tax reductions

by Jun 30, 2023
A Route 58 hotel property that has received Riverhead IDA tax exemptions since 2009 has gotten a more than $1.3 million reduction in its property tax assessment after taking the Town of Riverhead to court — and at least seven other IDA properties in the town are poised to follow suit.

Our first responders are heroes — and Riverhead needs to work to keep them.

by Jan 29, 2023
This is a good time to reflect on the looming crisis we face as a community where affordable housing and jobs that pay a living wage are increasingly scarce.

Riverhead’s 2023 operating budget, raising tax rate more than 4%, approved by 3-2 vote, with Aguiar and Rothwell voting no

by Nov 16, 2022
The Town Board voted 3-2 last night to approve a 2023 operating budget that pierces the tax levy cap and raises the tax rate by more than 4%. Supervisor Yvette Aguiar voted no, citing amendments to her tentative budget proposed by council members — all but one of which she voted to approve at the board’s Nov. 1 meeting. 

Riverhead mulls raising income limits for senior citizen and disabled person property tax exemptions

by Nov 7, 2022
More senior and disabled homeowners in Riverhead could receive property tax exemptions in 2024, if the Town Board increases income eligibility limits authorized by a state law passed this year.

Riverhead supervisor denies town’s IDA grants property tax abatements: ‘As they build, they pay taxes,’ Aguiar tells civic group

by Sep 19, 2022
In response to a resident's question during a civic association meeting Saturday, Supervisor Yvette Aguiar told a downtown civic group that the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency does not grant property tax abatements. New developments are taxes as construction is completed, she said.

Riverhead Town, school and fire districts are owed millions in payments in lieu of taxes from LIPA —which LIPA has been...

by Jul 20, 2022
When LIPA-owned properties were switched to tax-exempt as required by state law, the town could no longer issue tax bills to LIPA and instead had to collect payments in lieu of taxes, known as 'PILOTs.' Riverhead is the only Suffolk town that still hasn't collected the LIPA PILOTs, though LIPA has been trying to pay.

More than 300 tax grievance lawsuits are filed against Riverhead every year. Here’s what it means to you at tax...

by Jan 20, 2022
Commercial property owners in Riverhead have gotten their tax assessments reduced by tens of millions of dollars through litigation over the past five years.