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Race relations

Let’s Talk Race: Live conversation about a difficult topic at a difficult time

Butterfly Effect founder and executive director Tijuana Fulford sat down with BEP board member Ron Fisher for a candid discussion of race in our community. Video.

Let’s Talk Race: Live online discussion series to begin Friday evening

RiverheadLOCAL will host a series of online conversations about race and diversity in Riverhead. The talks, which begin Friday evening, June 5, will be streamed live on this website and on the RiverheadLOCAL Facebook page.

A call for justice: Two peaceful protests in Riverhead respond to death of George Floyd

Riverhead was the scene of two very different but equally peaceful protests today, both called to condemn police violence against African-Americans following the death of an African-American Minneapolis man as he was being arrested by police on May 25.

‘United We Laugh: Stand Up to Break Through’ brings people together with comedy and conversation about bias

"United We Laugh," a cutting-edge new comedy show seeking to table discrimination through laughter and conversation, kicks off the evening with stand-up comics representing all sides of the heated divide in the nation today. Act two is a conversation with the audience moderated by James “Dr. Love” Banks.

History lessons: It was not that long ago

It's important to remember how things used to be in order to best understand how things are today. To paraphrase the Spanish philosopher George Santayana, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

A call to action: We must do better

We are at a crossroads of our moral compass in this country. We have to question, are we really free? Are we moving back or regressing to a period in time where we have made significant gains in race relations. We must do better.

A watershed moment in Suffolk politics

Errol Toulon Jr. is the first African-American elected to nonjudicial countywide office in Suffolk County.

The beat goes on: another story

Our society is continually struggling with racial hatred and the injustices that follow.

The aftermath: A call for unity, the first story

Racism is woven into American society. It's sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle— always destructive. New column by Lawrence Street.

Changing our hearts and minds

"We need continuous dialogue about racism from every aspect; dialogues where preconceived notions, stereotypes and prejudices are left at the door." In a new column, Riverhead native Lawrence Street tackles the subject of race and racism.