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Riverhead Police monthly report

Riverhead Police report: May 2020

With most business and social activities still restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic, arrests, tickets and police revenues in Riverhead were significantly down again in May, according to data released yesterday by Riverhead Police Chief David Hegermiller.

Riverhead arrests plummeted during April’s coronavirus peak

As the coronavirus outbreak reached its peak in April, police activity in the Town of Riverhead plummeted, according to data released by the Riverhead Police Department last week. That followed a less dramatic but still significant drop in March, police data show.

Riverhead Police report: April 2019

Riverhead police report responding to 2,751 calls in April 2019, making 92 arrests and issuing 945summonses, including 126 parking tickets.

Riverhead Police Report: March 2019

Riverhead police report responding to 2,469 calls in March 2019, making 83 arrests and issuing 805 summonses, including 174 parking tickets.