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Water quality

Republican county legislators block November referendum on 1/8% sales tax hike to fund advanced septic systems and sewer expansion

by Aug 1, 2023
Republican legislators voiced numerous reasons for their opposition to moving forward with the news 1/% sales tax, with the strongest objections centered on what they called an unfair allocation of the new tax revenues to sewers versus advanced septic systems.

Tell County Legislature to let the people vote on water quality restoration fund

by Jul 21, 2023
Tuesday, July 25 is the County Legislature's last chance to vote to opt the water quality restoration fund on the November ballot. Group for the East End President Bob DeLuca urges residents to demand legislator's "let the voters decide."

Clean water is not a partisan issue, but Republican legislators made it political by tabling a measure to put water quality...

by Jun 30, 2023
Clean water should not be a partisan issue, and leaders should not pit communities against one another. Instead of putting politics over people, let the public decide for themselves. 

Save the Sound releases 2023 report on water quality for L.I. Sound beaches

by Jun 23, 2023
Save the Sound analyzes water quality data provided by county health departments to the US EPA for L.I. Sound beaches across the island, NYC and Connecticut. Here's what their just-released 2023 report says about local beaches.

Bills to fund sewers and advanced septic systems with 1/8% sales tax hike stall in county legislature

by Jun 22, 2023
Suffolk County’s ambitious plans to create a water quality fund for wastewater treatment hit a major road block last night when the county legislature voted to send the legislation back to committee.

Marine biotoxin found in Terry Creek & Meetinghouse Creek triggers temporary ban on shellfish harvesting

by Apr 13, 2023
The ban is in response to the presence of saxitoxin, a marine biotoxin that accumulates in shellfish and can sicken people who eat shellfish affected by the toxin.

Environmental advocates urge state to enact Suffolk County Water Quality Restoration Act

by Apr 11, 2023
The 1/8-cent sales tax increase is needed to finance the installation of clean water septic systems. State lawmakers must adopt it and allow Suffolk voters to make it a reality.

Riverhead sought $9 million for public water extension to homes near former Grumman plant in Calverton. It got $3.5 million. Now...

by Apr 22, 2022
Riverhead Town has come up short on federal and state funding requests to cover two water district extensions to serve homes in Manorville and Calverton in the vicinity of the former Northrop Grumman facility in Calverton.

Second Riverhead water forum scheduled for Wednesday

by Feb 11, 2022
The second Riverhead Town water forum will be held in the town board meeting room on Wednesday. The forum aims to facilitate an informal discussion between town officials and residents on issues pertaining to the Riverhead Water District and Riverhead’s public water supply.

Suffolk’s impaired waterbodies: Many downgraded on DEC’s updated list

by Jan 7, 2022
From the Long Island Sound on the north shore to the bays on the south, from the bays and harbors of western Suffolk to the bays between the Twin Forks, the list of impaired waterbodies across Suffolk County is long and the impairments serious.