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Riverhead police chief talks traffic troubles with Jamesport residents

Special events closing town roads, motorists and bicyclists who ignore the rules, traffic hot spots and code enforcement were on the agenda Saturday morning.

New traffic light proposed at entrance to Hilton Garden Inn hotel on Route 58

Hotel owner Lee Browning said he has watched with dismay and fear as vehicles make an illegal U-turn from the eastbound land of Route 58 to access his Hilton Garden Inn and Residence Inn hotel property. He wants to create a new signalized intersection at the entrance to his hotel site.

Local residents circulating petition demanding weight and size limits on all Riverhead roads

While the Riverhead Town Board is considering imposing an eight-ton weight limit on Twomey Avenue in Calverton, some local residents are demanding that the town impose weight and size limits on all local roads. They are gathering signatures on an online petition to support the move.
Traffic on Route 58 near Kroemer Avenue this past weekend. (Photo: Peter Blasl)

County engineers working on new plan to better sync Route 58 traffic signals

After collecting new traffic count data, the county is working on a new signalization plan for the lights on Route 58. It will be implemented by springtime, Suffolk DPW traffic engineers said this week.